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Brand journalism in Spain. Profiling the brand journalist



For many years brand names have been using techniques such as branded content or content marketing in an effort to establish new relationships with their customers.  Another more current method is known as brand journalism, and it is quickly becoming an excellent way for brand names to attract customers and maintain their loyalty through new channels. In the United States and some European countries for example, this tendency is coming to the forefront, while in our country its implementation is still limited, with only a few examples worth mentioning.
In light of the absence of investigations that analyse the characteristics and singularities of brand journalism in a wider perspective, this paper seeks to carry out a theoretical
approach to brand journalism through a qualitative methodological triangulation combining diverse methods. It will also study this journalistic figure in the United States and Spain, analysing some cases in our country and finally it will assess the possibility of implanting specific university training. By doing so, we understand we are giving a global vision of this tendency that at present, figures as an option for producing quality content for brand names and at the same time as a growing employment opportunity in the current labour market.

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