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Brand journalism in Spain. Profiling the brand journalist


6. University training for brand journalists

In spite of being a modality with little importance in our country, brand journalism is a sought after job option in other nations with possible prospects in the labour market. In fact, some corporations have widened their professional teams in the last few years to include those which contribute experiences from media to create content for these brands.
In light of a plausible future vision for the communication sector, with an evident crisis in recent years, we wish to pose the need for university training for brand journalists, in order for them to acquire certain theoretical and practical notions to be able to develop this option in the labour market.
In this sense, either through workshops, courses, master´s degrees, postgraduate classes —even having the option of subjects or part of them, depending on the syllabus—, the possibility of teaching brand journalism should contemplate some critical aspects:
—The brand´s world (history, goals, mission, vision, values and corporative culture).
—Media related design, writing and innovation.
—Content creation.
—Analysis and participation of the designated public.
—Measurement and control of results.
—How to plan brand journalism.
—Successful cases.
As of today, there are scarce initiatives in Spain for university training of brand journalists, as we have been able to verify on the internet. In general, they are basically limited courses, panel discussions and seminaries where this theme is approached as central. Here we could highlight the second edition of the Specialised Online Course «Branded content: methodology and strategic management», at the School of Journalism and Communication of Unit Publishing, celebrated between the months of April and June in 2017, but again brand journalism also appears in other courses and in masters from nationally prestigious universities and centres, though in a secondary role. To sum up, our investigation has detailed the visible and existing lack of university training. When it comes to brand marketing, time will tell if future teaching is necessary.

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