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Brand journalism in Spain. Profiling the brand journalist


7. Conclusions

With these lines we have examined a new tendency in the area of communication that is of particular importance to large national and international corporations, but has not provoked enough analytical curiosity in the university scene. For this reason we should value this investigation which attempts to respond to some of the questions about brand journalism and especially, the brand journalist; the one in charge of telling stories for brands.
With brand journalism, the brand journalists and companies who have adopted this discipline have gone from merely informing about acts and events they carried out to telling stories about them. The brands themselves are the communication, as it is no longer so much about selling products or specific services. To this effect, the brand journalist should meet a series of requirements, the same as in other professions. So, he should be a trained person and above all, with the initiative to report as he would in media, but instead, doing so for a company if we understand that with these projects the brand names show themselves to the public as authentic means of communication. Last but not least, as a final result they seek to forge a connection with the users, creating necessary interaction.
Far from the existing debate about the question at hand, that is, if instead of brand marketing the activity carried out is really content marketing or corporate journalism, the truth is that brand journalism contains a series of mixed features from publishing, journalism and marketing, among others, conferring vital importance to content, with a notable rise all over the world. As we have analysed in the cases of Coca-Cola, Eroski and BBVA, the results obtained by these entities in just a few years with their respective brand journalism projects are highly successful and this is due mainly to the quality of the contents, more powerful than any marketing tool, benefiting from a series of advantages and obtaining the desired engagement.
Lastly, although brand journalism is more extended in the United States and other European countries, we believe it will become more and more relevant in Spain, and for this reason we consider the necessity of specific university studies about this reality, based on the importance of brand names and the social roles they have recently acquired due to the new information and communication technologies.

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