Model Digital Journalism in DataBases (DJDB) in interaction with the journalistic convergence


Th is text examines the databases (DBs) as a singular aspect in the process of journalistic convergence. Our hypothesis is that the databases are central agents to ensure writings more and more integrated and operating according to the logic of a journalism of convergence, since they are elements that structure the journalistic activity in its dimensions of pre-production, production, availability/circulation, consumption and post-production. Among the functions developed in the convergence process, there are: to support the production and the distribution of the contents; to integrate diff erent platforms, to manage the flow of information and the knowledge in the writings; to store, classify, relate, recover and present the contents. Our boarding takes as parameter the Digital Journalism in DataBases Model (DJDB), confi gured from the doctoral research (2007a), nowadays in phase of improvement, tests and promotion with the carrying out of the post-doctorate

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